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Winter Proposal

The holiday season is typically the most popular time of the year to propose, but if you got caught up with all of the family gatherings and end-of-year reports at work and missed it—don’t worry.  In fact, get excited!  As the days are getting colder and the snow begins to fall your perfect setting for a 2016 winter proposal is in the making.

First Things First – the Ring

Do you have a ring?  Do you know what cut your partner likes?  This Diamond Buying Guide can help you choose the right ring for your future fiancée.  Also, if you haven’t done so already it is a good idea to check out your significant other’s Pinterest account.  Most women today have at least one wedding Pinterest board with ideas of what they envision for their future.  If that is not the case then a best friend, a close family member, or your local jeweler are always a good resource to refer to, too.

Below are four recommended engagement rings for your 2016 winter proposal:

With the Ring in Mind, or Behind You – Make Her Winter One She Won’t Forget

Many people do not care for the cold chilly days of winter, but if your lady gets excited about snow or the thought of cozying up by the fire then this is your chance to create a proposal women dream of.

Here are 4 unforgettable winter proposal ideas that you can look forward to:

1. A romantic stroll in the snow

Convince your partner to get out from the blankets and go for a walk outside.  Your walk can be around the neighborhood or at your favorite summer spot like the beach 1. Proposal: A romantic stroll in the snow or park.  Wherever you are it will likely look magical with a dusting or a few inches of snow over it.  While you may be holding hands on the walk, don’t forget to let the child within you come out and engage in a friendly snowball fight.  When she least expects it maybe take her to your favorite bench and present the ring to her in a snowball.  Your partner will forget all about the cold.

2. Not your ordinary board game

Winter Proposal via Board Game piecesInstead of watching your favorite TV show on Netflix, how about you ask her if she wants to play a game of Scrabble instead.  You might need to rig the game a little beforehand to ensure that you can spell out, “Marry Me.”  After you yell Scrabble, show her your board, get down on a knee and hold out the ring.

3. Take her for a spin

If you are looking for something different to get out of the house or go on a date, then suggest a ride to a local ice hockey rink or even better, drive a little further to a rink that is outside.  While she is gaining her balance remind her that she is doing great, and challenge her to stand up on her own.  At this point, get down on one knee and pop the question.

4. Stay warm inside Perfect inside winter proposal

Not every winter proposal needs to be outside or in the cold.  Besides, what is more romantic than sipping on champagne or hot chocolate and talking fireside with your loved one?  If she likes to read too, maybe buy a second copy of the book she is reading and carve out some pages in it to hide the ring.  The sound of the crackling wood is sure to relax any nerves you might have about what you are going to say when you ask her those four special words.

More Winter Proposal Help

The staff at A.H. Fisher Diamonds takes the time needed to explain and show you the cuts of different engagement rings and their unique characteristics.   Matt and Alan Fisher, in particular, are experts at helping to make the ring buying process educational and enjoyable for you.  They welcome details on how you plan to pop the big question in 2016, as well as, any other information you can provide such as your significant other’s jewelry or ring likes and dislikes.

Let A.H. Fisher Diamonds guide you on the right path to finding her the perfect ring for your winter proposal.   Stop in today and discover the diamond she’s been dreaming about.